A bonbon born of the marriage between the intense flavour of dark chocolate
and the sweetness of Moscatel de Setúbal. Each package contains eight precious
diamonds of the finest and crunchiest Belgian chocolate.
The secret the Muscatel Bonbon is inside.
The original recipe is the result of perfect harmony between milk chocolate coupled with the spirit and sweetness of Moscatel de Setúbal.
A unique tasting experience.
At first sight, its flare belies the secret of its tempering. Then, a thin layer of crunchy chocolate with a slight vanilla aroma provides a rich and intense flavour, in contrast to the softer and more delicate aromatic flavour of the creamy Muscatel filling.
This happy combination gives the bonbon a balanced softness and sweetness.
A signature bonbon with unique properties which give it
an exclusive and innovative flavour.
Made through artisanal methods, without the addition of dyes and preservatives.