Pratos & petiscos

Clams with Moscatel de Setúbal

(4 ppl) | 40 min | Easy

– 2 garlic cloves
– 200ml of olive oil
– 60 g chorizo
– 4 medium onions
– 300ml of Moscatel de Setúbal
– 2 kg of clams
– salt and pepper to taste
– chili pepper to taste
– lemon juice to finish

Fry the garlic in the oil until it begins to darken. Remove the garlic and place the chorizo and onion in the same pan, both cut into fine slices. Add chili pepper to taste Let it cook on low heat until the onion becomes transparent and pour in the Moscatel de Setúbal wine. Let cook for 10 minutes. Next, uncover it, increase the heat and add the clams. Let it boil until the clams open and then remove them. Season them with pepper, lemon juice and salt. Serve hot. | Autoria: Chef Luís Pires Monteiro